Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa Claus: Should he wrap his presents?

As this is our first Christmas with a child, the issue has arisen – should Santa Claus wrap his gifts?
I say “yes” for three main reasons:
(1)   Tradition – Santa Claus always wrapped the gifts he left under the tree for me.  I would come down the stairs on Christmas morning to find all the packages waiting for me – which leads me to my second reason …
(2)  Wrapped gifts prolong the fun.  It takes time (and a little effort) to unwrap them, so you are surprised one gift at a time (rather than seeing everything at once).
(3)  Our child is nine months old and all he will care about is the paper and boxes.  Shouldn’t Santa give him what he wants – lots of paper to tear and throw around?
My wife says “no.”  Here’s why:
(1)   Tradition – Santa Claus never wrapped the gifts he left under the tree for her.
(2)  Some things have to be put together and need batteries (they can’t stay in the box to be wrapped).  Shouldn’t Santa go ahead and take care of those things so that our son can get up, see them, and begin playing with them immediately?
(3)  The look of pure joy that our son will have when he sees everything sitting there waiting for him.
So, what do you think?  Please weigh in and help us decide.

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