Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Master Plan Project One

This is a poster that I made for my presentation. It has my master plan and some support drawings. Around the master plan are pictures and drawings that help to reinforce the feel that and look that I was trying to accomplish for the design.  It shows examples of local architecture, stormwater conveyance, character sketches, and examples of shadows created from entry artwork pieces.  

Design Highlights

I tried to keep the stormwater on site in two ways.  Vegetated swales to slow, collect and direct stormwater for multiple uses. Flow through planters next to house collect rain from gutters after a rain barrel is filled.

There is an increase in density that is typical for the city with a variety of housing sizes and affordability.

Cars are hidden as much as possible by incorporating parking in the rear of the homes.  

Vegetable garden is located in the center of the site with an above ground cistern for irrigation.

There is a central plaza area with a stormwater fountain and a raised fire pit.

The site has three mixed use buildings so that some daily needs maybe made without use of an automobile.

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