Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Detail Model of Project One

These are pictures of the detailed model I built, of a large portion of my design. I chose this section to build because if showed a diversity of housing, stormwater fountain and the community gardens.

The base to model was foam board layer up for each contour on the site. I sanded the board to make it smooth and avoid the elevation stair steps. Next, I glued down a copy of my design to give me an outline on the base. For the swales and fountain I burned the foam board out with a soldering knife. The buildings were made of pine glued together and cut to size. Metal roofs were made by gluing layers of aluminum foil together for durability. The green roofs and turf was a fine green powdery material glued down. Trees were a kit that need to be shaped and the foliage glued on. For the vegetated swales and community garden I cleaned out the old spices and herbs from my kitchen. I did not think that the lemon pepper smell would ever go away.

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