Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Green Walls

Green walls became an interest for me two summers ago while doing some research on stormwater. The first green wall that I saw and really noticed what I was looking at was at the Renaissance in Ridgeland, Mississippi. A clothing store chain had a modular green wall install on the entrance to the store. At first glance it looked really cool, but as I got closer, I noticed that there were some problems with the plants. This was probably from installing the plants before maturity. Most of the plants appeared sparse and lack vigor.

The next green wall that I got to inspect was in Madrid, Spain. I did not have to get up close to this one to determine the wall of plant’s health. Even from a distance you could tell that this wall was full of healthy life.

 From what I have read about this green wall, it is located on a corner block where there used to be a gas station. The lot is now an open plaza with an entrance to a building with very interesting architecture, interesting in a good way, and the green wall is perpendicular to the street on an apartment building. This was a very interesting place. People were stopping to look at the wall and take pictures, children were splashing in a small fountain and there was a nice botanical garden across the street. It is defiantly worth checking out if you are in Madrid.

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