Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perspectives for Project One

By doing these perspectives, I tried to capture the feeling of the place that I was aiming to create. I wanted to show what it would feel like to walk into the community. I wanted the drawings to be loosely sketched and not feel very mechanical. I added a little color to try and inject a little richness and depth. I think that I worked for most, but feel that some scenes would have worked better with less color or more muted tones.

Trees lining Whitfild Street

Courtyard at eye-level

Stormwater fountain and plaza offer community spaces

Entrance to a mixed use building on the corner of Whitfield and Scales

Example of housing

A walk leading to plaza

A birds-eye of the stormwater plaza

Housing surrounding community garden and plaza

Homes accessed by street

A mixed use building w/ green roof and a courtyard

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