Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Object of Inspiration for Project One

We were asked to pick an object and bring it to class. This object was to serve as our inspiration throughout our design. What the hell! That was my first thought. My next thought was what the hell am I going to find that is appropriate for class and will be able to inspire me through the design process? Well, I choose a small piece of a cedar board. I thought that it at least smelled good and I like the colors in the grain.
Then I struggled with this piece of wood and thought about starting over about fifty-eleven times. But, then I got the idea to try and mimic the wood grain lines on the board. I dove into this idea and tried to replicate this all over the site. Ultimately, I feel that I was successful incorporating my inspiration into the design. However, I do kind of wish that I had picked something a little different, something a little less obvious as a board for a construction site.

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